Latest Marketing Virus – Spring Fever!

Spring is here, officially the season begins on March 20, and it’s hard to believe in Southern California that it’s just arriving. But if you’re in Chicago or New York, Boston or Minneapolis, I’m sure you feel like it will never arrive. Patience, and perhaps there are spring fever thoughts here that you may be able to relate to as March turns into April and April turns into May. 

Spring is a time of rebirth for many things. At Oster, it means the snow melts in Big Bear and we turn our thoughts to hiking and mountain biking. For Proven Winners and Armstrong Garden Centers, it’s a busy sales season with gardeners looking forward to a long summer of plants and flowers, vegetables and fruits. 

Why, you ask, would a marketing agency focus on spring? For us it’s a time to look at all of the things that consumers will be doing in the coming months.Here are a few things to which buyers who are walking down the streets of every American city, suburb or small town will turn their focus:

·         Gardens – Spring at garden centers in most parts of the country is like Christmas for many retailers.Home gardeners want plants, patio furniture, expertise and materials. Don’t give them discounts, give them added value.

·         Travel – After a difficult winter, people everywhere are looking at vacation plans for the coming summer.Entice them now to make their plans and choose you!

·         Outdoor activities – Whether it’s beach goers, mountain bikers, or bird watchers, Americans get outdoors to enjoy warm weather and sunny skies. How does this fit your marketing?They need to eat, they need the right clothing and equipment, and there will be transportation issues.It’s a perfect time to sell them a sporty new car, a pair of hiking boots, or a new adventure in hiking.

·         Home improvement – It’s hard to do those construction and maintenance tasks when it’s cold, rainy or snowing. But spring means thoughts of everything from painting to patios to portable sheds.Let’s let those busy homeowners know about all the exciting new products that are waiting for their summer projects just ahead.

·         Fashion – It goes without saying that you can’t garden, travel, go to the beach, or put a new roof on your house without the appropriate attire. Why not connect spring fashion promotion with the things people will be doing, not just the latest runway shows?

Spring marketing is ripe for the one with the best ideas. And ideas are what marketing is all about. 


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