Including Fathers When Marketing to Parents

It’s not uncommon to only mention moms when marketing products to parents. Lines like “Choosy moms choose Jif” or Luv’s commercial that says “By the second kid, every mom is an expert” come to mind. We hear it so often, yet we may not even realize that we’re forgetting the other half of parents—the dads.

As we move toward gender equality, we see more women entering the workplace and less staying at home. While more and more men are taking a step back from work and becoming the key caregiver at home.

By excluding fathers when marketing to parents, you’re leaving out an entire demographic that is choosing what products are best for their families.

And this doesn’t just apply for advertising. Many brands are getting involved with influencer marketing but are tailored exclusively for moms. Take for example, Chick-fil-a’s Mom Panel and Disney Parks Moms Panel. These panels are not limited exclusively to moms. Dads are also present on the panels, yet they are still referred to as “Disney Moms.” With one simple word change, these brands could be inclusive of ALL parents.

Another point to consider is single fathers. When your marketing campaign is directed at the mother-child bond, a single father family with no mother present is emotionally unaffected by it because the family image you present isn’t relatable.

Including fathers in marketing is something not every brand is doing, but those that take advantage of this untapped market will be ahead of the game.