In-Game Advertising

The latest trend that marketers are using is in-game advertising. In-game advertising allows advertisers to literally reach consumers in the palm of their hand, whether through their computer mouse, console controller or cell phone. The key to accessing these consumers is garnering their interest and attention without annoying or distracting from their experience. Advertisers have successfully made their mark by simply becoming part of the game.

One of the most standard ways of implementation is to place an ad on a loading screen. This ad placement method doesn’t affect or interfere with gameplay. In certain genres, in-game advertising can fit more naturally into the game environment. For instance, sports games mimic the heavy advertising seen in sporting arenas. Another way to make your product integrated is to literally become part of the game, like Dodge did with their “Charger” cars. Dodge Chargers are featured as a drivable cars in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Marketers can also “pay” the gamers for watching their ad. Players can watch advertisements in exchange for virtual currency. SocialVibe does this through Facebook on games like FarmVille. They can also make ads playful and interactive–almost like a game in itself. Levi’s Dockers has a shakable ad that features a breakdancing model in khakis. The Westin Hotel’s mobile ad lets you wipe away frost to reveal a picture.

In-game advertising is nothing new, but with the explosion of apps and new technology advertising has become more creative, engaging and can enhance the gaming experience. It is fun, limitless and has so much potential. Are there any great examples you’ve spotted?

Posted by Alyssa