The Importance of Videos in the Gardening Industry

There is no denying that life has felt stressful and abnormal over the past few months. Between non-stop conflicting news reports and normal life taking a long pause, it is hard for consumers to know how to react to the information overload. For gardening businesses, now is the perfect time to utilize online content and how-to videos.

The best way for your garden center to stay relevant during this pandemic is by taking the time to rejuvenate your YouTube channel and Facebook and Instagram videos sections. Begin with gardening facts. Gardening has been known to decrease stress and help with mindfulness so businesses must highlight the many benefits that gardening brings when they post content. You can use the same benefits multiple times to promote gardening, just make sure to find clever ways to make the information presented sound different.

As for the videos themselves, it all depends on who you are trying to target. If your business focuses on B2B, try posting about any new plant varieties that can be expected over the next year. DĂĽmmen Orange is a leader in floricultural excellence and has done an excellent job utilizing their YouTube channel to inform growers of new varieties. View their stellar example of how businesses should utilize YouTube here.

If consumers are your target market, the best way to engage them is by creating how-to gardening videos. With many people staying home and spending much more time looking for inspiration online, make sure you are creating videos that are both fun and informative. Consider the current business landscape and provide solutions for those consumers that may not have close access to a garden center for certain needs/products. By being a great source during the pandemic, consumers will learn to trust you for information once all businesses have reopened.

If you work in the gardening retail industry and need help promoting your brand, please reach out now. We are happy to help!

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