How Winning Awards and Honors Helps Your Brand

Let’s face it. We all like to be recognized for the work we do and accomplishments we earn. It feels great when someone says “good job” or congratulates your efforts on a project, presentation or result. The same is true when it comes to businesses.

Award submissions and honors take time to complete. Most companies or business owners don’t know that these opportunities exist or simply don’t have time to fill out additional forms and paperwork. Dedicating time to completing award submissions is a luxury that most businesses don’t necessarily have.

Oster and Associates specializes in finding award and honor opportunities for brands and their team members. We’re proud to announce that two of our clients were recently named San Diego’s Most Admired Companies. Latitude 33 Planning & Engineering and Organics Unlimited were named to this prestigious list by San Diego Metropolitan Magazine.

We’re thrilled that each of these longtime San Diego businesses were recognized for their success and ongoing contributions to the communities in which they serve. Yes, it is okay to tout your company’s accomplishments both in the business arena and in the community at-large. How will anyone hear about the wonderful things you do unless someone tells them?

Remember that your competitors will not hesitate sharing their victories, so make sure that you do everything you can to share your company’s achievements every chance you get.   

Sharing your good news is where Oster and Associates can help. We make time for these efforts because awards and honors are an important component to building a strong, positive brand. Don’t hesitate to ask us about submitting awards and honors on behalf of your company or brand.

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