How to Utilize Social Media in your Product Launch

Social media seems like the most obvious way for people to connect. In 2022, more the 4.62 billion people around the world were actively using social platforms. So, when it comes to launching a product, utilizing these different platforms is an effective way to reach a massive audience. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter can be intimidating, but with a few simple steps, social media can make for a successful product launch!

The first step to a successful product launch is to create a social media calendar. Some things to consider including in your social media calendar are:iPhone with Social Media platforms

  • Photo and video content
  • Copy for captions
  • Marketing emails
  • Blog posts
  • In store events
  • Product descriptions

Once you have a timeline of your product launch mapped out, you can create tangible goals for your brand. Some of these goals could be things like reaching a certain follower count or achieving a given amount of engagement. By pre-planning content and establishing a clear set of goals you can take some of the stress of using social media away.

The second step in launching your product is to create buzz around your brand. In order to do this, you have to post content that creates anticipation and leaves the consumer wanting more. This anticipatory content could include “coming soon” posts, product reviews, countdown posts, product ads, stories, or giveaways. Product review posts would allow you to build credibility with customers. Utilizing influencers who align with your brand before the product launch will give you the opportunity to share their reviews and praises of your product across your social platforms. Any combination of these anticipatory posts will raise interest about your product as you build toward your launch.

Along with using a combination of social media posts, you should create a hashtag to establish your brand identity. This hashtag is something that you can share across all your social media platforms. Customers can also use the hashtag to highlight content as it relates to the product or launch. Hashtags are unique because they can be used by your brand, as well as customers. A hashtag should be something that is distinctive to your brand and enforces the brands identity. The hashtag can also serve as a means to track the success of your product launch. By measuring hashtags alongside mentions you can gather an accurate insight into how your brand is measuring up to its goals.

Coupled with hashtags and anticipatory content, it’s important to generate conversation with your customer. To keep the momentum before, during, and after your launch, you can incorporate language in your posts that encourages customers to contribute to the conversations. Encourage customers to share their success stories and ask questions to keep them engaged.

The next step in a successful product launch is to track your mentions and customer questions. Your business should respond in a timely manner. Building up to the launch should be an all-hands-on deck approach. This will help ensure customer satisfaction and help promote a positive culture within your community. Contact Us

Finally, to measure the success of your launch it is important to set up tracking and analytics to measure your return on investment from using these social platforms. This will help you plan for future launches and allow you to measure your success in relation to your established goals.

When it comes to launching a product, Oster and Associates has helped brands evolve for over 30 years and is ready to launch your product to success. Please schedule a free consultation with us for assistance in making your product launch as seamless as possible!

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