How to Utilize Social Media During a Pandemic

At the helm of 2020, it seemed as though the public was becoming more aware of its overuse of online platforms. Concerns regarding mental health, sleep, and general safety dimmed social media’s praise. Yet, when mid-March and stay-at-home orders hit, that hesitancy dissipated. What was left of in-person socializing turned virtual, confirming the importance of social media for individuals and organizations.

So, from a business point of view, what are some of the best ways to take advantage of online platforms?

Consistently posting updates keeps audiences in the know, but doing so also bolsters online brand identity and reputation. Broadcasting efforts to stay simultaneously safe and active—like building an area for extra outdoor seating, carrying out appointments virtually, or showing socially distant efforts in the office—garners both content and respect.

Highlighting employees on social media, whether it be through Instagram highlights, Facebook updates, or even Snapchat stories, incentivizes internal efforts and makes a business’s online presence personal and appealing. Reestablishing the feel of face to face experiences is crucial.

Now is a great time to ask for customer feedback, even if a business is temporarily closed. Post a link to a survey, request reviews, or use the poll and response features on Instagram stories. Not only does this give businesses new objectives, but it increases audience interaction.

To draw even more interaction, host a promotion for followers. Make the rules simple, but require entries to support the business in some way, like posting a picture of their takeout meal or using a brand-specific hashtag.

Staying active on social media also allows businesses to keep an eye on competitors. Noting other accounts’ marketing strategies, followers, and feeds lends helpful insight.

Regardless of a business’s current situation, social media brings helpful information and progress that is otherwise lost during a pandemic. Reach out to our marketing team for a free consultation now.

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