How to Use a Webinar to Launch Your Produce Products to Your Buyers

As the Coronavirus cases continue to rise, it has become imperative for produce companies to use virtual technology as a means of communication and product announcements. The produce industry has accelerated its adaptation of these technologies at a much faster rate.

Before introducing new items, be able to consistently meet current product demand. While many industries have suffered through the COVID-19 pandemic, the produce industry has thrived demand-wise. With the large increase of consumers demanding fresh products, companies have also struggled with shortages of supply.

If you can meet and exceed current demand, then feel free to launch a new product. We have some helpful tips for produce companies that are looking to launch their next product-focused webinar:


  1. Define your audience. The first step in developing a webinar is to think about your customer and what they want to hear. Focus on any information that is valuable to your customers and what they will need to know to promote your new products.


  1. Focus on relationships. Use the webinar as an opportunity to make new relationships or strengthen existing ones with suppliers, distributors or merchandisers. Partnership is vital to success so make sure to keep the conversation going even after the webinar is done. Check in with those you are collaborating with and find out what is or is not working.


  1. Test the webinar with a small group of employees. Make sure that all technology is working correctly, and that the platform is ready to be launched. It is extremely important that you test run through the presentation ahead of the live webinar.


  1. Make sure the webinar time zone schedule is thoroughly considered. With the produce industry located all over the US (and the world), it is important to consider that 8:00 am on the East Coast of the United States will be a much different time for those living on the West Coast. Plan to meet in the middle so that the webinars do not run too early or too late on either end. Or simply offer different webinars depending on time zones.



As for setting up such a platform and choosing a focused and well-spoken moderator, our team at Oster and Associates can help. We have launched a new program, Farm to You, that is designed to reach targeted produce buyers and share specialized sessions featuring your company’s products and innovations.

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