How To Create the Perfect Sustainable Deck in 2019

Millennials are not just looking at attractiveness or appeal when they choose to build a deck for their outdoor living area, but they are also looking at function and impact on the environment. They are looking for green, eco-friendly products that will allow them to enjoy their own outdoor sanctuary while positively impacting Earth.

The current trend when building a deck is composite lumber rather than traditional wood. Why? Composite lumber is “made from 95 percent recycled and reclaimed materials” and millennials enjoy their outdoor living space that much more knowing that it helps divert “more than 250 million pounds of plastic film and bags from landfills each year.”

Composite lumber mixes and binds plastic and hardwood fibers to create a beautiful yet recycled wood alternative. It is not cheap and is currently in high demand. Popular composite decking companies include Trex, Fiberon, and Timbertech. All brands highlight the longevity of their decks while mentioning their efforts in the fight against deforestation.

Another trend on the rise for 2019 is using Humboldt Redwood because it, “is grown and harvested in a responsible, ethical manner at a level consistently below the forests’ annual growth rate and trees are replanted annually.” Not only is this wood eco-friendly, but it is also durable and sustainable. An article on BusinessWire explains how Redwood structures can survive extreme weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain, decay and even insects. The article states, “It resists warping, splitting and stays comfortable to bare feet even on the hottest, sunniest days. With simple care and maintenance, a Redwood structure will perform well and look great for decades.

When choosing which supplies and resources for your future deck, make sure you are consulting experts. Whether choosing the composite lumber or Redwood, you are taking steps to evolve your deck into the most sustainable structure it can be. Our team at Oster and Associates are experts in evolving companies to become the best they can be. Just like choosing quality materials for a long-lasting deck, choose Oster for all your marketing, advertising, and PR needs.

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