How the Election is Affecting Marketing Strategies

Election years bring a wave of hope, sadness, anxiety, and everything in between. Beyond one’s personal stance or opinion, an election can affect many parts of everyday human life. 2020 has brought uncertainty not only in politics but also with a deadly pandemic that has interrupted every aspect of the global supply chain. With constant media coverage and news cycles that have become extremely divisive for those living in the U.S., it may be making business owners a little worried about how they can reach their target audience among the constant bombardment of political ads. As marketing experts, we wanted to let you know that business will prevail and that marketing tactics are still just as vital during an election season. However, the election is affecting marketing strategies and there are some things you should be aware of in order to cut through all the election clutter:

  1. Television and radio will have the highest media costs. These outlets are considered the most expensive and price-sensitive media channels. Consider spending your ad dollars on other channels such as digital media like Google ads or Public Relations.
  2. Consider direct mail. Although many political ads are being sent via direct mail, consumers can often tell ahead of time (based on size, shape, and headlines) if the direct mail piece is political or not. Having a postcard mailer with a call-to-action may be a very effective way to get your advertisement in front of the potential customers eyes.
  3. Email and text message inboxes are full of political subjects. If your business uses email or text marketing, be sure to create strong, captivating subject lines in order to hook the reader in.
  4. Begin planning for advertising right after the election cycle. Consumers will be happy to see ads that are not politically affiliated. It takes time to get all creative and copy ready to go so use this time to plan with an agency. This planning phase will ensure that your business buys the most valuable media placements and delivers your brand messages at the most strategic time.

We hope your business is staying strong this year and are always here for you to help fight through the clutter! Please do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation to see what Oster and Associates can do for you.

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