How International Sports Competitions Stir Up Patriotism

It is interesting how sports competition can stir up a range of emotions for people. From the casual fan to the most fanatical one, there is just something about a game, contest, match or event that elicits a response. If that matchup takes place on an international stage, patriotism to one’s country often overcomes most people.

Pride in your homeland can be very exciting. Fans often wave flags, wear jerseys or paint their faces to reflect support. Winning a competition, especially one that produces a trophy or medal for the victor(s), is an intoxicating thing. Cheers of support spontaneously break out in bars and pubs around the world, oftentimes spilling out into the streets.

One of the most obvious, and often most popular, international sports competitions officially kicks off this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For trademark and copyright reasons, we can’t list the event but think quadrennial exposition of a wide range of sports that usually occurs in the summer to much fanfare and you’ll be on point.     

Patriotism is the epitome of this global competition. You may not know the athletes competing, but if they happen to be wearing a U.S. flag on their uniform the chances are very good you might burst out with a “U-S-A” chant or be actively cheering for them to win. Countries large and small will be sending competitors to stake claim of being the world’s best. Cheering on a fellow countryman/countrywoman can be a memorable experience.  

Social media is one place that patriotism is put on full display for others to see. It’s quick, fun and very easy to get involved in the conversation. Emojis support a range of emotions including flags, sports, images and feelings. Hashtags allow users around the world to quickly plug into the social media dialogue.

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photo courtesy: Patrick Pierce

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