Holiday Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is here which means the holiday season is just kicking off. The holidays can be a stressful time for many, knowing you must juggle cooking (and cleaning) for loved ones while making some time to enjoy their company. Whether or not you are the one hosting the family gathering this season, we have some great centerpiece ideas that will leave you and your loved ones with cheery, holiday spirits.

Sick of the holidays overdoing red and green colors? Go for an elegant look this year by decorating with white and gold. Visit your local Armstrong Garden Center to view their selection of white roses whether it be a Sugar Moon or John F. Kennedy. After selecting your favorite white rose, complete the centerpiece by arranging the roses with branches of holly, cedar or other green trimmings. Arrange them together in a vase and tie a gold ribbon around the vase for an extra holiday touch.

Terrariums are another lovely decoration that will be sure to be a topic of conversation at the table. Creating these takes a little more work but will show your guests your unique design skills. Beautify one of your old vases or mason jars by adding small rocks and activated charcoal to the base. Then, add soil and succulents to keep it easy to maintain. To make it festive, add pinecones, berries or other seasonal decorations. Visit Armstrong’s website for tips on how to create your own small space terrarium.

DIY Christmas English Garden Basket

What flower is more festive than a poinsettia? Emphasize the holiday colors of red and green with your own Poinsettia English Garden Basket. This is a simple DIY and will have your guests smiling from ear to ear. Start with choosing a basket but keep in mind that the poinsettia is the star of the show. After picking out your favorite Armstrong poinsettia, choose a variety of indoor plants to help compliment the look.

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