Holiday Advertising – Focusing on Quality

The holidays are just around the corner and with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday all happening next month, consumers as always are expecting some great deals. But if you are a retailer, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors other than offering price reductions and discounts to customers? Sure, price-cutting can help increase sales volumes and profits, but it can also damage your brand and make you less competitive. So, what’s a brand to do?

Focus on the quality of the product and its unique selling points. Discuss the benefits and features of the product in your advertisements. Think of Apple, for example. Regardless of the cost of its newest iPhone, laptop or tablet; customers will still be driven to purchase these products. Apple made products go from wants to needs. When advertising a product during the holiday season, create an ad campaign that demonstrates the value behind the brand.

The goal for most companies during the holiday season is to increase sales and finish the year in the black. What are some ways you can increase sales without engaging in a price war that minimizes all profits? Get to know your customer and their emotional connection to your product. Redirect your advertising so that your message speaks to their emotions.

The role our emotions play when making decisions. Marketers need to appeal to their buyer personas’ wants and needs. It’s a primal response; people see what they want, and act on it. Some of the most impactful ad campaigns are those that connect with customers on an emotional level and not those based purely on discounts. Separate yourself from the crowd this season and connect with your customer on a personal level.

Oster and Associates has the ability and experience to develop campaigns that will connect with your customer on an emotional level rather than a price war that depletes your profit margin. Let us tell your story through a strong brand image that will be unforgettable not only this season, but for many seasons to come.