Helping others can help your company do well

Nowadays, making profit is essential, but it’s just not enough. In this over-competitive world, showing our support to communities around us is a great way to take a step forward.

Cause marketing can help you, as a for profit company, do good around you while increasing your popularity. By associating your company to nonprofit organizations or charitable causes, you will reach mutual benefits: raise awareness for a social or environmental issue, while increasing customer engagement in your brand. People do not only want to buy good products anymore. They also want to buy it from a respectable company that shares their values.

Supporting a good cause will reinforce the relationship you have built with your clients, and also with your staff. You are offering your employees a workplace they can be proud of and talk about it in a positive way. Don’t forget, your employees are the first ambassadors of your brand. By getting everyone motivated in the project, the impact will be even more positive.

But be mindful while using cause marketing. Your actions need to be truly good and it must match your brand’s core values. Customers are very cautious with that kind of marketing. They will easily spot when companies use good causes only to improve their image. It’s important to get involved in something that matters to you. It’s not just about writing a check, it’s about real commitment.

At Oster and Associates, we particularly liked the Always Super Bowl ad: “Do it like a girl.” The advertising supports female empowerment by showing that girls are as much competent as boys and doing things like a girl shouldn’t be an insult. Always want to highlight all the great things women can do and strengthen every girl’s confidence. The message talks directly to its customers and the success of the campaign is obvious.

Help your business do great things by helping others. 

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