Health and Wellness of Cannabis

Oster and Associates recently hosted “Health and Wellness of Cannabis in California”, a cannabis panel discussion.

About 40 people joined us at 5th Avenue Kitchen and Tap. They heard from Elizabeth Mack, Founder, Holistic Caring, Christopher Coggan, CEO, Therapy Crafted Brands, Allison Benavides, Founder, Pediatric Cannabis Support, and Nancy Kirkman, Coordinator, Talk About Curing Autism. Central to the evening’s discussion were topics concerning the role of cannabis in medical treatment. Panelists answered questions about their own personal journeys seeing cannabis used first-hand to treat a myriad of medical ailments, to testing of medical marijuana and legislature.

Central to the discussion were the benefits and success stories that have come out of the medical community where cannabis as treatment is concerned. There is a negative stigma surrounding cannabis or marijuana. One that will take time to undo. This is where Oster and Associates comes in. We decided collectively as an agency to support the cannabis industry for several reasons: 1) Cannabis is a business and we support businesses. 2) We believe in the product. We believe if taken wisely, responsibly and safely, it contains many health benefits. 3) It will generate money into San Diego, which is always a good thing. We understand it will take time and effort to educate the public and we are up for the challenge. We embrace it and welcome others to do the same.

Forums and panel discussions like this one help bring everyone together to have those conversations.

We hope you will join us for our next panel discussion in February, 2019. More information will be shared on our social media channels. Stay tuned!

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