Happy Holidays!

The winter holidays are a bright and exciting time all over the world. No matter what holiday you celebrate, this time of year can be quite magical or very stressful, maybe even both. Here at Oster, our spirits are high and we are getting into the holiday mood by decorating our office with plenty of holiday décor and greenery.

In the marketing world, this time could be slow or busy, depending on who your clients are and what industry they do business in. Hopefully, your agency remains prevalent and bustling during this time of year. At Oster, some clients are winding down for the year and others are just ramping up their efforts for the winter season, there is no shortage of projects to work on.

When it comes to branding and advertising during the holiday season, it is important to make sure that messages are relevant and that each client, including the agency, has created ads and social media posts that comment on or acknowledge the season.

To avoid some of the stress that the holidays bring, at least in the marketing world, planning is a key to success. Be sure to be mindful of any vendors, media contacts or partnerships that have limited hours during this time of year. Writing a short email or making a quick phone call to touch base could be the difference between getting the information you need before the holidays and waiting weeks to hear back.

In order to stay ahead and make sure that all deliverables will arrive on time, persistence is a must. Time management and teamwork will help finish all projects on time. Communicating with teammates will also help to evenly divide projects so that anyone not on vacation, isn’t overwhelmed and knows how projects should be handled.

Be mindful of where your clients are located, as some countries, cities and regions have different policies for the holiday season, regarding hours and operation deadlines. In advertising and media buying, materials needed to run ads or spots may be due even earlier than usual. In the world of public relations, many media contacts and outlets don’t close for the holidays. As the saying goes, there are no holidays in news. Be aware that media will appreciate sending materials and information sooner, rather than later. There may also be some last-minute questions for interviews and stories during this time, so it’s important to give them as much information as possible in order to help out.

Most importantly, remember that now is a time to reflect on the good fortune and relationships created over the past months. It’s a time to be happy and grateful for all you have. Here are Oster and Associates, we are doing just that for our clients and contacts. Happy holidays from the Oster team to yours!