Happy Halloweed: Best Cannabis Treats for Halloween

Looking for scary and fun Halloweed treats?

Halloween has typically been known more for the kiddos with their superhero costumes and going around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. But what about the adults? Can we get some goodies? Here is a list of some fun adult cannabis treats that you may want to dress up for:

1. High Style’s Coastal Haze

If you’re looking for a beer on Halloween, enjoy a handcrafted, cannabis-infused non-alcoholic Coastal Haze from San Diego’s own High Style Brewery. Inspired by a pale ale recipe, the Coastal Haze helps create a refreshing and elevated beverage experience, which is help when dealing with your little ghosts and goblins (aka your kids). A wonderful side note…you won’t wake up the following day with a hangover.


2. Therapy Tonic’s Coconut Matcha Cannabis Tea

This just might be your cup of tea – literally. Therapy Tonics & Provisions has a great treat for you – their vegan Coconut Matcha Cannabis Tea. Although the drink may appear small at 4.20 ounces, the combination of coconut milk, sweet sativa undertones with a green-tea finish may have you hulk smash that tired feeling and get a second wind.

3. Dr. Raw Cannabis-Infused Relax Hearts

Stressed out by all of the trick-or-treaters roaming around the neighborhood? Try Dr. Raw’s Relax Hearts. These gluten-free, vegan, organic, non-GMO, cannabis-infused snacks are perfect for those tired zombies who have been walking dead for a while. They use certified organic fruit and veggie-based flavorings and colorings for a little change of pace.

4. Dr Norm’s Chocolate Chip Therapy

Kids aren’t the only ones who love cookies. Dr. Norm’s chocolate chip cookies contain a low-dose of THC (5mg/cookie) and are based on the founders’ mother’s original secret recipe. If you see a Halloween party serving these cookies, know that they are infused with medical-grade cannabis extracts and you won’t have an unpleasant aftertaste like other cannabis-infused cookies.

5. KushyPunch sativa gummy

KushyPunch’s strawberry sativa gummy is one that will take you back to your childhood. With its flavor bursts and euphoric energy from the cannabinoids to flavonoids + lipids, these gummy’s will make you giddy with giggles so much so that your inner Joker may come out for your costume.

To learn more about these and other cannabis treats, be sure to RSVP and attend our upcoming Evolving Cannabis event, Edible and Beverages, where you can sample some non-medicated samples.

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