Growing Business through Volunteerism

Bev Oster, president of Oster and Associates, talked about how to grow business through volunteerism during her interview with host Drew Schlosberg on the U-T Community Spotlight Radio Show on May 26. As chairperson on the board of directors for Project Amigo, a transnational nonprofit that supports impoverished students in Colima, Mexico, Oster works with the executive director, raises money, and helps guide the development of relationships between businesses and nonprofits.

While volunteering is mutually beneficial to volunteers and those in need, Oster stresses the importance of volunteerism for being successful in the business community. Businesses that volunteer can talk about more than just the professional services they provide, they can promote themselves as a business that goes above and beyond in their community. For Oster and Associates, clients are more willing to participate in their own volunteering if they see their marketing agency modeling that behavior.

Volunteering is also a great way to network. Oster mentions, “there are a lot of people I have met in the community through volunteering.” Being involved in your community makes it easier to meet potential new clients, employees and business partners. A business that volunteers is also likely to attract potential employees who are willing to put their time and energy into giving back to the community.

All volunteer work is important. Oster stated “you don’t have to start out on the board, you can start out as a committee member. Nonprofits need volunteers for all kinds of things.”

You can listen to Oster’s interview with Schlosberg here.

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