Getting Involved Can Strengthen Your Organization

Marketing your business is not only about branding and advertising campaigns, it’s about marketing yourself as a good citizen and a good community role model. This also becomes a representation of the company you work for. At Oster and Associates, we enjoy getting involved in our community, meeting new people and building strong relationships. Many of our associates are involved in the San Diego community in many ways, whether it be industry-related events, voluntary work or community planning updates, we encourage our employees to make it a part of their lifestyle.

Patrick Pierce, Oster and Associates’ public relations manager was recently chosen to be a part of the Mission Valley Community Plan Update Subcommittee. This group has been tasked by the San Diego City Council to update the Mission Valley Community Plan, a major project that has been undertaken to modernize the Mission Valley community.

Patrick is a perfect example of being a community advocate and representative of his employer. In budgeting for next year’s plans, try to include membership fees and events you would like your employees to be a part of. This not only encourages them to continue getting involved but allows them to build strong relationships and potentially, increase revenues with new business opportunities.

Nowadays volunteering and doing nonprofit work is expected and very well recognized among others in the community and in the workplace, bringing a sense of accomplishment and joy. Getting involved can become difficult with so much going on around us, but encouraging your employees to be part of something bigger can strengthen the organization, its credibility and its relationships.

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