Get Outdoors! It’s National Wellness Month!

In honor of National Wellness Month, we examined what is currently happening in the outdoor industry. Wellness and outdoor living go together: those who are outdoors typically care about their wellness, and those who want to focus on wellness know they need to get outdoors (even if it’s just for the Instagram photo).

Millennials are known for choosing to spend their money on experiences rather than material things. This consumption pattern plays a key role in the outdoor industry as sporting and outdoors companies find ways to create experiences while promoting their product. An example of this is with the popular outdoor clothing and gear company, Fjällräven, who put on “Classic” treks in the US, Europe, and more. These treks bring together people who care about nature, want to get outside and experience the outdoors with like-minded people. These experiences give consumers a connection not only with the brand but also with the brand’s community. Sports and outdoor companies must stand out against the rest by offering customers an unforgettable brand experience.

Companies are not only trying to create unique experiences for their customers but are also trying to rally their customers behind worthy causes. In 2015, REI created a campaign called “Opt Outside” where it decided to close all stores on Black Friday and give its employees the day off to take advantage of the outdoors. The company also encouraged customers to get outside instead of spending their day confined inside, in a craze of shopping deals. REI has continued this campaign every year since and it has only continued to grow and influence more people.

Patagonia is another company that calls on its customers to support a special cause. Patagonia’s “Worn Wear” program asks customers to reduce consumption by purchasing from their Worn Wear clothing line that recycles and repairs existing Patagonia products. It is important for outdoor brands to establish themselves as not only leaders in trends and technology, but also leaders in the fight against global issues such as pollution and over-consumption.

A trend that has largely changed the outdoor and sports industry is the idea of “athleisure” clothing. It has become trendy for people of all ages to wear athletic clothing for many different occasions. Athleisure style can be worn around town or even used in combination with dressier clothing for a social occasion and club look.

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