“Outdoor Living” is broadly defined as an extension of your home into the beauty of nature but can go even further to include features such as a furnished patio and dining area, an outdoor kitchen, or an activity area that can include a swimming pool, bar or a lounge area. This concept works better for those homeowners where the climate allows them to be outdoors all year long, for example, California, Florida or Texas to name a few…

When marketing the Outdoor Living concept to consumers, there’s no need to limit yourself to your store’s area; as the cliché states – think outside the box, or in this case, the geofence. Geotargeting is actually perfect for Outdoor Living. Since the target audience for outdoor living is so specific, geotargeting works like a dream. Whereas geo-fencing is limited to targeting a radius, geo-targeting uses that defined radius and adds in criteria such as demographics, behaviors and interests. For Outdoor Living, we can define an age range, household income and gender, and include keywords like: outdoor living, patio furniture, fire pits, lounge area, outdoor home décor, outdoor furniture, outdoor table and chairs, casual furniture, outdoor décor, barbecue, etc.

By using a website visitor’s location to serve ads specific to an area, we can make a campaign more cost effective by targeting only those who have an interest in your product. Once we’ve figured out exactly who your target is, geotargeting can be used in addition to things like pop-up shops to direct traffic to the company’s website or even to actual brick and mortar stores.

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