Five Marketing Trends for 2019

Most business owner would like to ensure they are at the cutting edge of their industry.  We all look at trends, and often the trends are more a list of new inventions and technologies than the direction business is taking.  Here are some important areas of focus for 2019 that should be part of any evolving marketing program.


Movies and comedians may poke fun at bloggers and influencers these days and how ordinary people can be paid to write or talk about a brand they use to wash their hair, eat for breakfast, or ride to work.  Not all bloggers are good influencers, and they may or may not have much of a following. As marketers, we need to choose influencers carefully and work with them to portray the right brand image of a product.  But as the name implies, they are influencers, and a large segment of the population today is following what they do and what they recommend. This is a powerful trend that will only expand in 2019.


Not a new trend for the year, video will continue to dominate the way in which both business people and consumers receive their information.  Integrating your brand into video messaging that is used on the company website, social media, public relations, trade shows and digital advertising means you will be seen and heard in an intrusive and effective manner.

Digital Platforms

It’s no secret that media markets are segmented like never before.  More and more people are receiving much of their “television” viewing through streaming services, so a traditional TV buy might not reach them.  Digital advertising is reaching consumers where they are spending their time, whether it’s through behavioral targeting, retargeting, key word targeting, digital networks, OTT or social media ads. The trend for 2019 will be to increase the time we spend on all sized screens, from large home televisions to small mobile devices.

Community Building

A by-product of the political and social upheaval we have been experiencing in the past couple of years is that people are craving a sense of unity and community.  Advertising creative that focuses on working together with your neighbor, the bonding of different races and cultures, and living true to the values you cherish will provide strong motivation to use the products that are being promoted.

Brand Experiences

Not only has online shopping exploded in the past few years, but it will continue to be where an increasing number of transactions are made.  How does this affect purchases?  Online shopping doesn’t give consumers the touch, feel, smell and taste of the product they are purchasing.  It will be the responsibility of marketers to look at a variety of ways to give shoppers a brand experience that will direct their online purchases.  Without the personal experience, whether it is in brick and mortar stores, at events, or in temporary kiosks along city streets, everything people buy will be commoditized.  That means that price becomes the primary driving factor for purchases.  Not only will companies be disappointed at the results, but consumers will also be disappointed in the products they are buying.  Brand experiences are to everyone’s advantage.

What’s in store for 2019?  While we don’t always know for sure, we can predict that the focus on technology will continue to accelerate.  Providing a reason for people to buy your product, differentiating yourself, and motivating purchases becomes an evolving challenge.  For those who are on board with change and opportunities, it should be a good year with a wild ride!

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