Five Coronavirus-Approved Summer Activities

After nearly four months of enduring the Coronavirus, many Americans conduct their lives with newfound caution and trepidation. June 20th marked the first official day of summer, yet the season’s carefree reputation seems to oppose our “new normal” of face masks and isolation. Nevertheless, with an emphasis on outdoor activities and social distancing, summer can endure.

If your original plans have come to a halt, try these safe, local options to keep busy in the coming months.

  1. Look online to see which hiking trails are open near you, and start enjoying the outdoors again. Try Fiesta Island for an entertaining loop or El Cajon Mountain for an uphill challenge. Here’s an updated list of park openings in San Diego.
  2. Pack a picnic and head to your favorite park or viewpoint. Better yet, support a local restaurant and save yourself the time by picking up a meal to-go.
  3. To spend time on the water, kayak through La Jolla’s caves or rent a paddleboard in Point Loma. Both options guarantee beautiful views.
  4. Head to Snow Valley and explore on a mountain bike. The trails accommodate all skill levels and are open Fridays (go then for the best deal), Saturdays, and Sundays. Find more information here.
  5. Take up a new hobby. San Diego has the scenery and open space to accommodate all kinds of activities, whether it be photography, rollerblading, or nature watching. Be consistent as time goes on and feel gratified as you improve.

Staying active and involved in the community will not only bring some normalcy back into your life, but it can also benefit the businesses and organizations impacted by the Coronavirus. Summer may not feel as quintessential without travel and large gatherings, but by no means has it ended completely.

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