Ensure Your Marketing Plan is Adaptable for 2016

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with more connected technology than Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry could have predicted, it has become more pertinent for companies to adapt to change. Whether it’s technology, social or cultural dynamics or even the weather, having an integrated marketing plan for your company that can adjust to your industry’s shifting influences should be top of mind as we enter 2016.

Climatologists say that the impending El Niño is on track to be one of the most powerful California has experienced. With the current drought and El Niño, the landscape and horticulture industries need to be on their toes now more than ever. How can your marketing plan convert this important conversation into sales growth?

When you have a situation like El Niño, you might not have included strategies for when your marketing plan was conceived. Shaping the conversation around this new hurdle to meet your objectives is key to staying on track with your year end goals. What are the best ways to reach your audience during all of this? Should you take an online approach through social media and on your website? Utilize public relations tactics? Or integrate marketing tactics through direct mail?

This past summer, we helped Armstrong Garden Centers keep Southern Californians informed on how to both fight the drought and firescape their homes. And while we bring attention to the holiday season in our PR outreach, wheels are already in motion for when El Niño makes its mark or when a sudden cold snap appears. This is just one of the ways we are helping make an impact with current and potential customers for Armstrong Garden Centers. We are building awareness with our client’s expertise through PR to establish trust. This helps for when homeowners visit Armstrong’s stores already knowing they are in good hands.

Giving attention to recent events or circumstances like El Niño in your marketing efforts can bring awareness to potential customers by showing how in tune your company is. And the best way to ensure success is to integrate any new tactics across all marketing channels. If certain elements of your newly adapted marketing strategy are not in sync with other aspects, then it might not effectively reach all your customers familiar with your company.

While we prepare to face El Niño head on, understanding these changes, weather related or not, Oster and Associates is ready to maximize potential opportunities with the right plan of action for your company to keep you ahead of the game.



(Image source: Bosch)

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