Digital Marketing Trends Brands Should be Aware of

Predicting digital marketing trends is often as accurate as predicting the weather. How often do you plan for rain that doesn’t happen, or leave your umbrella home and find yourself making a mad dash to your car? However, you can be certain of one thing – social media continues to be on the rise. Pew Research Center found 65% of all internet users use some sort of social network.

What’s also on the rise is how people receive information. More time is spent on mobile devices than on laptops. In fact, last year, iPhone sales surpassed the number of babies born per day! Let’s not overlook the technology (first 3G and now 4G LTE) – by creating faster speeds, information is making it into the hands of consumers faster than ever. To ensure brands stay ahead of the game and reach those potential spenders, online marketing must be incorporated into their brand strategy. It’s not only affordable, but one can reach a larger audience in a short amount of time.

At Oster and Associates, we have found the following four digital marketing trends must be incorporated into one’s marketing program:

– Video marketing is projected to account for 80% of total internet traffic by 2020, according to SocialMediaToday. This can be in the form of explainer videos, live event videos and how-to-videos. 

– Creative storytelling via social media is evolving from a traffic-generation channel into a customer engagement platform. Don’t forget, readers are opinionated about the information they receive.

– User-generated content in the form of testimonials and reviews are important since 66% of consumers trust other consumer opinions.

– Rich media advertisements that are interactive and contain audiovisual components continue to grow on social media platforms, the top 5 sites being Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.

Today’s digital marketing is about making connections and engaging customers in a creative and sustainable manner. Incorporating these tools into your marketing program is a sure way to predict customers will come back again and again, which is a lot easier than trying to predict the weather.

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