Developer’s Edge: PR Can Make a Project Successful

Taking a quick glance around San Diego these days and you will likely notice construction cranes in the sky or signs designating what new project is coming to town. Downtown San Diego is abuzz with new developments and the impact that it is having throughout the region is sizeable. Mission Valley is another neighborhood on the brink of another major new development through redeveloping the current Qualcomm Stadium site.

The City of San Diego has designated these two areas as being future high-density development points. Don’t think that both residents and businesses haven’t noticed. In fact, recent projects to open include Pendry San Diego hotel in the famed Gaslamp Quarter and Civita Park in Mission Valley. Both projects contributed elements to each community that had been missing until recently.

The Pendry added 317 (much needed) hotel rooms to downtown near the San Diego Convention Center along with six new restaurants and bars that now provide more dining and entertainment options for downtown residents along with its hotel guests. Civita Park, the beautiful new 14-acre public park offers up a place for residents to spend time outdoors in an area of town more notable for its shopping malls, chain restaurants or disconnected apartments and condos than usable park space.

With limited land for development and anticipated growth in San Diego to add another one million residents to the region over the next couple decades, development is going to be even more closely watched by all key stakeholders in the community.

What it means is that any new project that developers hope to successfully build will require proper messaging, planning and execution to connect with residents to gain support, approval and, ultimately, be constructed.

Oster and Associates has a strong history of working with companies and causes that have invested in the people and places of Southern California. Over the past 31 years, our agency has worked hard to build relationships with civic and neighborhood groups, nonprofit organizations and businesses from a wide range of industries along with elected officials (on all levels) who make decisions that impact every single one of us on a daily basis. It takes an agency with deep connections like Oster and Associates to have an intimate understanding of the issues that affect communities we call home.

A team approach to development and redevelopment really requires partnering with experienced communications and messaging professionals like those found here at Oster and Associates

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