Create Compelling Stories About Your Produce

Create Compelling Stories About Your Produce by Focusing on Nutrition and How People Eat

The most important part of marketing a product is communicating a compelling story with your target demographic. Every brand or product including those in the produce industry, must consider how they will captivate the audience to choose them over competitors. Luckily for the produce industry, people love to eat food and the pandemic has shifted consumer mindsets to evaluate what it means to eat healthy. As a company that has marketed produce for 35 years, we believe the key to storytelling is to create compelling stories about how nutrition has changed, what nutrition means to us, and how people eat.

Motivating customers to choose a certain product over others goes much beyond flashy advertisements or beautiful packaging. Those things are important and can play a small role in the story we want to tell, but the best ways are to create helpful displays, videos, and blog posts that give both the essence of your brand and explains your unique selling proposition. Fun recipes to try at home or enticing in-store displays get customers excited to learn more about your story. Organics Unlimited, an organic banana company that Oster and Associates has worked with for many years, shares their social responsibility program and success stories through blog posts, new recipes, and by connecting with their retailers who then pass the stories on to shoppers. They also highlight the nutrition behind each organic banana and why they are an essential item for children’s lunches or post-workouts.

Nutrition is a great focus when it comes to communicating a story because it is one of the most important reasons why people consume produce. To create a more compelling message, include fun facts and visuals to entice the customers. You should also differentiate by making sure to share what nutrition means to your brand and how your product is the best option on the market. Here are some examples of stories that are worth sharing:

  • How the produce is grown
  • What makes it help you be healthier
  • Here are people who benefit from the social responsibility
  • Get to know your grower
  • Family pleasing ways to use the produce


People love to eat good food so a great way to give them a good story is to focus on them and their eating habits. Stories should relate to what the readers care about such as taste and health. When talking about how people eat, all produce companies should consider the hottest current trend: plant-based proteins. Plant-based proteins have become the hottest staple in grocery stores since 2019. It seems that everything is going plant-based whether it be deli meats, appetizer bites, or pizza. By incorporating your produce item into a plant-based recipe, it will make consumers excited to try something different and new. It also gives an opportunity for your brand to recommend sharing their results on social media once finished.

If your company could use help with crafting a compelling story, Oster and Associates is here to help! Please schedule a free consultation with us where we can strategize the best ways to assist your brand.

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