Consumer Trends in Produce

As 2021 continues on it is important for the produce industry to stay ahead of consumers wants and desires. As produce marketers, we want to ensure that we are targeting our existing and potential customers in the most strategic and effective ways. There are four main trends that will be important for the produce industry to consider implementing into their current marketing strategy.

As we saw with the pandemic, consumers love the efficiency and comfort of buying their groceries online. Things such as curbside pickup and choice of substitutions have made it extremely convenient for shoppers to get exactly what they desire with the least amount of physical effort. Studies have shown that people are less likely to buy fresh produce when shopping online which means that it becomes much more important for brands to stand out and be the choice that shoppers actively seek. It also becomes vital to get your product in as many different stores as possible.


Customers care about the way that produce is packaged. With the pandemic affecting the way customers think about their food being protected, packaging will need to have multiple functions to satisfy shopper’s needs. In addition to protection, the packaging must communicate the offering as well as promote sustainability. The color and style of packaging can even influence consumer’s purchase habits. The challenge for produce brands is to figure out how to keep their packaging both cost-efficient and still able to magnify brand awareness.


As the pandemic forced many restaurants to close either temporarily or permanently, American’s consumption habits had a drastic shift from takeout and dining out to being forced to cook at home. For many people, at-home dining really shook up their typical routine and allowed them to think creatively about how they would incorporate fruits and vegetables into each meal. This has become an opportunity for produce brands to create new recipes and promote the health factors behind consuming more produce. Consumers feel rewarded after cooking meals at home and often want to share their accomplishment with friends and family. There are many ways that companies can get customers involved by promoting giveaways for sharing on social media.


The idea of what it means to be healthy is a topic that has stayed top of mind for most people throughout the course of the pandemic. Many consumers started questioning what they put in their bodies and how to stay as healthy as possible while millions of Americans fell ill to COVID-19. This thinking led to a common trend of considering food like medicine. Consumers really started to think about their everyday consumption habits and how their food was fueling their health. Luckily, this meant more fruits and vegetables as well as plant-based substitutes. Produce brands should build off this idea and promote their products as the healthiest consumption options on the market.


With the pandemic still very much affecting the global community and news networks still reporting on COVID-19 in their daily news coverage, these trends should continue into 2022. As experts in marketing produce, we would love to speak with your company about how you can utilize these trends for your marketing strategy. Please visit our contact page and send us a message now!

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