Common Obstacles to Overcome When Branding a Commodity

Warren Buffet once stated, “buy commodities, sell brands.” This is the formula for business success. Selling a commodity can be challenging and difficult to convert into a brand. However, when marketed right, the commodity can be a profitable business.  

A commodity can be many things; it can be any type of produce or plant, it can be water or it can be glass. The obstacles involved when branding commodities are usually the same. The greatest challenge is developing a unique branding concept.

As a business owner that is selling a commodity, you may have already overcome many obstacles, such as creating the product, gathering business information, handling finances and filing for certifications or licenses. After that, you may wonder how to continually grow and supply more product that was once just an object. There are many ways this product can be marketed or defined. That means figuring out the most efficient, memorable and unique approach that can be taken to work alongside the power of the consumer.

The most common obstacle you may overcome when branding a commodity is defining a niche and a target market. What will differentiate your product from those existing products? For example, Oster and Associates is a marketing agency whose niche is providing clients with all the marketing tools necessary, including branding, media buying, design, advertising, interactive, public relations and consulting. Our goal is to evolve and retain clients and their brands. Once you have determined your niche and target market, you can begin with developing a unique brand concept.

When shaping your brand concept, think of the power a consumer has on your product and consider their wants and needs. This allows you to build a strong memorable brand. For over 25, years Oster and Associates has helped companies successfully determine a niche target market and develop a brand that is known worldwide. 

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