Celebrate with Your Customers on their Birthday

This past week we celebrated Tyler, our account coordinator’s, birthday by treating him to a very nice lunch. When we spoke to him about his birthday celebrations, we discovered his plans not only included many fun activities but also free breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week. We were all very impressed and wondered how he had done this.

While there are many unique ways to reach your target audience through large marketing campaigns, there is nothing wrong with sticking to some classic tactics. As a social experiment, Tyler signed up for birthday and reward clubs for various restaurants and fast food chains. As the week of his birthday approached, he received over 20 promotional emails, all offering him special treats, meals or discounts.

Everyone loves feeling special on their birthday, which is why consumers sign up for birthday or reward clubs. Developing a rewards program allows you to receive information on your target customer, provides the customer with an incentive to visit your location and makes you a part of each customer’s celebration.

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