Capture Every Moment with Social Media Photo Contests

With digital cameras accessible to nearly every consumer who owns a phone, pictures are being taken more than ever. We have entered an age where everything and anything must be shared. From the food we eat to the mountaintops explored to the candle bought from the 99-cent store, everyone must be informed of our daily lives.

We’d like to recognize Camera Day, June 29, because this incredible piece of technology grants us many ways consumers engage with us marketers. Through the use of social media photo contests or by simply creating unique hashtag campaigns that allow us to follow the conversations, everyone is telling their story of how they use the products and services agencies are marketing to them

Photos can be obtained organically through searches or when consumers tag or share their images with the company, or by way of a company run contest. Both have their benefits. Organic images allow companies to see their products in the undisturbed wild and the many uses consumers have with them. A photo contest can help raise awareness of your company and can be targeted for a specific product to gain exposure.

Choosing to launch a photo contest is easier said than done. There are many elements that you must consider before embarking on this journey. How many social platforms should you engage? What is the objective of this photo contest? How can we measure the results? What kind of clever hashtag can I use without it backfiring? What rules and guidelines should be established? Is our prize incentive enough for participants to want to enter? Can we gain e-mails to follow up with our consumers for future opportunities?

Despite the steps that it takes to run a photo contest, the most important thing is to have fun. Remember, that this contest is a reflection of your company as a brand and allows your consumers to share with you how they perceive your product or service. The more fun you have the more your consumers will enjoy participating. 


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