CA Summer Trials with Dümmen Orange

It was a beautiful, sunny day at the Avila Beach Golf Resort where Dümmen Orange hosted their 2021 California Summer Trials. Aside from gorgeous displays of Kalanchoe Deck’d Out pots and heron sculptures filled with Salvia Hummingbird Falls, there were two huge tents filled with brand new perennials and annuals. After working behind the scenes the past two years taking care of Dümmen Orange North America’s Public Relations and Social Media, it was such a pleasure to finally be around all of the stunning plants in person.

Starting with the New Guinea Impatiens first up was the Petticoat series which included varieties such as Red Flame, Fire, Cherry Blossom, and Neon Night. There were also New Guinea Impatiens Wild Romance whose new colors include Lavender and Peach. The Wild Romance are more of a garden New Guinea with their double flowers and strong vigor making them great for larger containers or in-ground plantings.

Additional New Guinea Impatiens on display were the Rollercoaster series which became a hit last year. They are also double flowers but more compact which is ideal for container gardens and front of the border. The flowers are more three dimensional with their wild up and down margin on the edge of the flower. Last of the New Guineas were the sun line, the Sunstanding series which were hanging in beautiful boxes. They are more tropical looking and have bicolor foliage.

There were many varieties of Dümmen Orange’s Main Street Coleus on display including: Orchard Road, Ruby Road, Abbey Road, Venice Boulevard, Bourbon Street, and Yonge Street which is a sister to last year’s Beale Street AAS winner.

The more shade and classic type of coleus on display included the Stained Glassworks varieties including Royalty and Palisade. Palisade was a beautiful green color and was a genetic mutation of the royalty which is a bright red color. This was one of my favorite things I learned while seeing them grouped together for Confetti Garden Pacific Palisade.


Calibrachoa Tik Toks were in wonderful hanging displays where Dümmen Orange Director of Marketing, Chris Berg, explained that the name comes from the flowers looking like the hands of a clock going around. There are four new colors this year: TikTok Blue, TikTok Rose, TikTok Grape, and TikTok White. Another highlight of the display was the sneak peek colors for 2023: TikTok Orange and TikTok Strawberry Pink.

It was also neat to see the AAS Winners section which included the Leucantheum Sweet Daisy Birdy and Main Street Beale Street (that won last year for being the first red coleus to take full sun).

There were many more beautiful varieties with impressive hanging displays and even some that were incorporated into statues of blue herons. We love working with Dümmen Orange and look forward to next year’s trials. If you work in the horticulture industry and have marketing needs, please schedule a free consultation with us now!

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