Build Your Marketing Success Through Strong Relationships

It’s Valentine’s Day, and romance is in the air. Every year, we’re bombarded with messages of goodwill and love. This year, Valentine’s Day got us thinking about relationships. And no, not the relationship you have with your significant other (or with your daily cups of coffee, your Snooze button, or your Netflix account for that matter). We’re talking about your business relationships.

In the hustle and bustle of a day’s work, it can be easy to put important partnerships on the backburner. It’s vital to remember how critical your business relationships are. After all, these relationships have everything to do with the success (or failure!) of your business and marketing goals. From clients to vendors, fostering happy, healthy relationships is a win-win.

As an agency we would be nothing without our amazing clients and vendors, and we understand the important symbiosis between all these relationships. And we think our clients and vendors would agree- many of them have been with us for years. Our keys to success?


From daily emails to weekly conference calls, it’s critical to keep open the lines of communication with clients. Doing so will not only keep everyone in the loop; it will also ensure everyone is working towards common goals. Proactive communication is a must. Brainstorm, offer new ideas, and be responsive.

With vendors, strong communication is equally important. Sharing your goals and visions for projects you will be working on together will help projects progress quickly and efficiently. When you and your vendor are on the same page, it makes for smoother sailing and better results.


Getting to know your client’s industry is also an absolute must. After all, if you aren’t familiar with the industry, how can you truly market it to others? Not only is marketing and outreach easier when you have industry knowledge, but you’ll also know what makes your client tick and find it easier to identify key opportunities within the industry.

Knowledge is also a critical component for your vendors. Most likely, you are using the vendor because of their knowledge. If you don’t specialize in a product or service that your client wants, you’ll want to work with a vendor who does. Choosing a vendor who has strengths other than your own, yet is still compatible with your goals, will help you offer a more diverse range of solutions to your clients.


While keeping business professional, it’s still okay to form personal bonds and relationships. In fact, we encourage it. With both clients and vendors, developing personal friendships can help build added trust and respect. Don’t be afraid to be friendly. It’s all part of building that all-important relationship!

Need support in developing deeper relationships and building your own marketing efforts? We’re here to help. Visit us at or give us a ring at 619-906-5540 to see what we can do for you.

And Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Oster and Associates! 

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