Branding Transcends Industries

April is National Gardening Month. It’s a great time for anyone from serious gardeners to casual hobbyists, because it’s the start of a new year for planting many things. So what does this have to do with marketing? Gardening is big business with over $29.1 billion spent by US households last year. It’s an industry that has had a great deal of focus from Oster and Associates over our 27-year history. We’re experts at marketing garden products. Even if gardening isn’t your focal point, there are things we can learn from any industry that can apply to our own, creating opportunity for a unique twist in the way we communicate with our customers and influencers.

Oster Client Since 1993

Early in the history of the agency, we developed a relationship with Proven Winners. You might say that was the beginning of branding in the plant industry. With a long-term goal of making Proven Winners a household name, we developed the brand through business-to-business levels, developed initial consumer outreach through public relations and now each spring is filled with radio advertising and promotions in 28 markets around the US and Canada. From packaging at retail and public gardens around the country to ideas for gardeners both in print and social media, the Proven Winners brand touches every detail that is important to gardeners – their primary customers. Oster and Associates has been completely immersed in this world of gardening since 1993. We have been part of helping it to evolve when everyone thought a gardening plant was a commodity, not a brand. Can you identify your brand’s hidden potential?

Oster Client Since2012

Our latest addition to the gardening world is Mighty ‘Mato. It’s a brand you might want to watch. Right now it’s tomato plants, but we’re set for imminent growth in other vegetable gardening. one of the strongest growth categories in the world of home gardening.  What does the brand stand for? The plants are bigger, stronger and more productive than other tomato plants on the market. Mighty ‘Mato will be known as the superhero of gardening.

Oster Client Since2009

Branding is a strategic process. No two brands become successful in exactly the same way. It’s a combination of the art of creativity and the science of business. Branding takes great ideas, dynamic thinking that will gather attention and a strong in-depth knowledge of the target customers. There needs to be a focus on research, either your own or research that is done within the industry. It takes a knowledge of trends and a strong attention to detail. Oster and Associates has been building brands since 1986, and the world of gardening is only one industry where we have planted our flag as experts. If your brand needs attention, we can help.

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