Brand Your City and Become the Next Best Place to Enjoy the Holidays

Traveling is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Your city might not be as “Christmasy” as New York City or London, but branding your city for the holidays will help you not only attract visitors during that time of year, but also keep the locals in town.

We usually don’t think of a city when talking about branding or marketing. Branding made Napa Valley the wine city, Las Vegas the fun one and Paris the most romantic place on Earth. Branding a city is about selling a feeling. This feeling is especially important during the holidays. Offer visitors an experience they can share with family and friends. Word of mouth is really powerful when traveling as we are constantly looking for recommendations from our peers (the popularity of sites such as Yelp! proves it). Utilize social media to increase a third party endorsement. Instagram, for example, is a great tool to inspire people on the other side of the world. A city has innumerable opportunities for pictures that pique our interest and make us dream. Be creative in your decoration and events. Encourage visitors and locals to share their pictures of your city by creating a special hashtag.

The holidays are a good time of year to create a buzz around your city and become a top destination. To do so, feature your city as being unique. People traveling during the holidays want to get out of their daily life and experience a different setting. Show that your city is worth the trip by emphasizing why you are different from other cities. This provides the opportunity to offer a fresh look for streets to attract new visitors and make locals rediscover their own neighborhoods.

There are multiple factors that help us choose our vacation city. Weather is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, you can’t predict or change Mother Nature. If having snow for Christmas is a great selling point, as warm weather is to San Diego, then emphasize on the weather conditions when promoting. Enjoying the holidays is not about being cold; it is about experiencing that warm holiday feeling. Use weather as part of a city’s uniqueness and make sure your town embraces the holiday spirit.

Another aspect that influences people when booking a trip, and one that you can actually manage, is the activities that are offered during this time of year. Keep in mind that eating and shopping are two main hobbies during the holidays. Provide unique experiences that visitors will remember and locals can be proud of.

Everyone is looking forward to enjoying this special time of year. Transform your city into a great place to end the year on a high note and make sure people are aware of what’s happening.

Happy Holidays!

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