Brand Integration Pairs Wonderfully with Morning News

In the business of public relations, television news coverage is always a high priority. It’s always a rewarding feeling to see your client make the morning news after all the coordination working with the show producers. But how can you ensure your client makes it on TV everyday and into the homes of their target market?

Armstrong Garden Centers is known not only for its top quality products and services, but also expert advice on gardening, landscaping, and home décor. Last year, we saw a unique opportunity to partner with a local news affiliate that was seeking a studio makeover.



In working with the studio, Armstrongs has been able to integrate its brand into the studio’s back lot set for the past years. Because of their wide variety of colorful plants and holiday décor, Armstrong Garden Centers is also asked to decorate for the seasons. And as you can see, the new station looks much more lively and visually appealing.

With the holidays quickly approaching, product placement is an unobtrusive way to give consumers a visual catalog for great holiday gift ideas. It’s becoming more of a social norm to see logos in movies and TV shows these days. For example, just look at American Idol with their Coca Cola cups facing outward to the camera in every shot. The same could be done for morning news with coffee or tea brands that the anchors could enjoy.

Many brands can take advantage of product placement on morning news without disrupting the flow. Most anchors have a couch area to talk with guests that would work great for furniture companies. There are also kitchen studios at most big networks that can be equipped with different appliances, furnishings, or décor; and the clothes the anchors wear could easily be tailored to a local brand’s fashion line.

Seeing these products live on set can provide consumers a chance to idealize what the products could look like in their home. They’ll be seen being used five days a week, every morning. This opportunity brings the brand quality front and center with each segment.

The product integration from Armstrong Garden Centers is a living example of how careful branding and tactful coordination can benefit both the media and brands, something other companies could look at for themselves.


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