Brand Evolution – Standing Still Isn’t an Option


Brand Evolution – Standing Still Isn’t an Option

Think about some of your favorite brand(s) for a second. Microsoft, Pepsi, Ford, Firestone, Starbucks, Google, the NFL, etc. Since football season started, I threw that last one in there to see if you were paying attention.

The truth is that most brands start out with a certain look and evolve over time. That evolution reflects many things going on in the world around us. The reason for a tweak of a logo or messaging can be internally driven. Community relations efforts can be externally influenced. Society’s views on things are ever-changing and that requires companies to do the same or risk falling behind.

People connect with brands for a wide range of reasons. Once a connection is made, that bond can be hard to break. Responsibility is a virtue and one that companies should put into practice.  

Recently, you may have noticed that Google changed the look of its logo. Here’s what it looked like before and what it looks like today. San Diego’s major daily newspaper reverted back to its San Diego Union-Tribune nameplate a few months ago after being purchased by Tribune Publishing. Just say the former name U-T San Diego around town and you’ll likely get more than a few frowns.

Pepsi decided to shake up sagging sales of its diet drinks by removing aspartame and inserting sucralose instead. It’s too early to tell if the move will pay off. However, Pepsi now offers something in a crowded beverage marketplace (an aspartame-free diet cola) different from its main competitors Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper.

Company survival can depend on its ability to evolve over time. Subway is desperately trying to separate itself from longtime former spokesperson Jared Fogle. It’s working quickly to put that lengthy chapter of its history squarely in the past.

The same goes for the NFL, which had a less-than-ideal offseason. Deflate-gate, concussions, Ray Rice, stadium concerns in St. Louis, Oakland and even here in San Diego. Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and Roger Goodell have a tense relationship right now. For the sake of the NFL brand, things will have to evolve.  

An old saying goes “the only constant in life is change.” Change is real. Change happens. And without it, life would probably be pretty boring.

Oster and Associates knows how important it is to evolve. It’s on the forefront of everything we do. If you or your company needs someone to bounce ideas off of or would like to chat about the current state of your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help.      




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