Beware of Bad Copy, a Poem

Bad Poetry Day is August 18, in honor of that, we present a bad poem about bad copy. Enjoy!

To speak to your audience, you must find the right voice
If you would like to increase sales, it is your only choice
When writing copy, you must find the right tone
Don’t find it and your brand will be left alone

Be sure that your headlines are catchy and witty
Make a lame one and your sales sure won’t be pretty
If you fill it with keywords and don’t make click bait
Your audience will read it and think it is great

Keywords are important for customers to find you
If you do not use them, they won’t ever mind you
Keep this in mind for search engine optimization
Or else your declining sales will give you frustration

Make sure your writing is simple to read
Or else confused readers are guaranteed
Avoid using jargon that only you know
Your customer base will surely not grow

People are always online, even when bowling
That is why your copy must make them stop scrolling
Make your font big and nix unnecessary phrases
If you do, your audience will be singing your praises

Be original and don’t steal others’ copy
If you do, you’ll come off as rather sloppy
Do your own work and make yourself proud
Taking someone else’s is never allowed

Your writing should foster emotional connection
If it is boring you’ll face major rejection
Whatever you’re writing should leave people feeling
Copy that doesn’t is rather unappealing

Across all platforms, your writing should be consistent
Make it all different and your customers will be distant
Consistency builds brand loyalty and trust
If you want repeat customers, this is a must

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