Avoid Subpar Public Relations and Marketing

An asset of mixing golf with business is that you only spend a small portion of a four-hour game actually hitting the ball. This means there is plenty of time to talk about business. There is a similarity in the world of public relations and golf, as you aim to hit a ball with ideas as other types of conversation ensue within those links of discussion can deliver a candid dialogue that accelerates ideas for the client. Golf is a perfect opportunity to hit the target on course without being bogged down by a room of technology.

Being outside makes you feel good, and feeling good produces energy, which lends itself to creativity. Recently, Oster and Associates took business to an afternoon on the beach. You might think nothing got done, but in fact, in the midst of a flying frisbee and jumping in the ocean, it created an open canvas for creativity, which led to discussions regarding clients. A long walk on the beach prompted many ideas and excitement about them. So what does this have to do with golf and PR?

Yesterday was National Relaxation Day, a good reminder to take it easy on yourself from time to time. The combination of work and play continue to activate brainwaves. The Economist shared that golf is a form of corporate entertainment and any age can play. My grandfather played until he was 91 years old. Public relations creates entertaining ideas and profitable media opportunities for a variety of all age groups and categories. One continues to strengthen brain activity by using it to try new do things or while working to improve on activities. In public relations, we are always thinking of new and unique ways to expand brand awareness for our clients, as is similar to golfers exploring ways to get the ball into the hole. People with different abilities can play the game, which is the same within a public relations company. Each person brings their own experiences and aptness to the group.

Golf and character go hand in hand and it is the same in public relations. Without character you won’t receive clients that trust you; reputation is everything in this business. As important as it is to sink that putt, its more important how you play the game.

 – Joie

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