Autumnal Gardening Tips

When it comes to marketing, it is imperative that you not only have a great strategy but also that you understand what it is that your client is selling.  Here at Oster and Associates, we live, eat and sleep gardening.  Now that we’re in the midst of fall, we thought we’d offer our perspective on preparing your garden for the cold season…

As we make our way into November, winter’s frozen grip seems to be creeping up on us. It is time to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and appreciate the magic of crisp winter mornings. Although we might have the urge to relax and cuddle up with a blanket, there is plenty of work you can do to keep your garden flawless this winter season! So don’t get too cozy just yet…following these extra tips will make your springtime gardening a breeze.


Plant your bulbs

If you want a striking springtime display, the time to plant your flower bulbs is now. For a bulb to bloom in the spring, it needs consistent daytime temperatures in the 60’s or lower, making November the perfect time to plant. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are a few of the many spring favorites planted in the fall that will become beautiful blooms as spring arrives.


Protect your trees

Most plants can survive harsh winter freezes. However, fruit trees such as apple, cherry, and plum are not so lucky. To protect these plants from damage, Chief Production Officer of Stark Bro’s Nurseries & Orchards, Elmer Kidd, says you first need to wrap the tree trunk with a tree guard to deter barking-chewing rodents and protect from sunscald. Next, you should apply a layer of mulch around the trunk (a few inches thicker than growing season mulch) to prevent weed growth and create a cool, insulated barrier for the roots. To avoid the heartbreaking sight of damaged or even dead trees, follow these simple maintenance steps this fall.


Stay on top of weeds

While most of the growth will be finished for the year, annual weeds are hardly slowing down. Take advantage of the occasional warm winter day to start preventative weed control. Make sure to stay on top of them now, that way it will make life much easier come spring.


Prune trees

In order to maintain an exquisite and healthy garden, plants must be pruned. Removing branches with any dead, damaged, or diseased areas can be physically demanding but in turn will provide you with years of beauty and function.


Clear your lawn debris

Before winter comes, it is important to tidy up the garden for the season. Raking up old leaves and clearing out debris from your garden can prevent insects and pests from overwintering and resurfacing again in the spring.


While for many people the arrival of winter means an end to gardening season, that isn’t the case for gardening enthusiasts.  Like the squirrel who gathers nuts to prepare for the cold season, you too must prepare and protects your plants to ensure a beautiful spring and summer full of breathtaking blooms, tasty fruits and vegetables, and healthy trees.


Oster and Associates is a full-service marketing agency that has been helping garden centers and growers for over 35 years now. Please schedule a free consultation with us for assistance in growing your name in the gardening industry!

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