Ashley’s Internship Experience

Oster and Associates has been offering internships at their company for over 20 years, and I was their most recent participant.

I interned at Oster and Associates during my last semester as a journalism student at San Diego State University, from the end of January till the beginning of May 2017.

My prior internship experience was in-house at a coffee company, which was my first step into a career in social media marketing. While I enjoyed working in-house, I wanted to explore other options before I stepped out of college and into the real world. This decision led me to apply for an internship at the marketing agency Oster and Associates. When it came time to decide where I would intern during my spring semester, I chose Oster because it has been in business for over 30 years and I recognized many of the clients they have represented. 

The experience I received from this agency was beyond my expectations. I presumed that I would only be learning the ins and outs of social media, but I found myself learning about the many different facets of a marketing agency. Oster and Associates not only offers services for social media, but also for advertising, branding, interactive and public relations. At this internship, I was treated as an employee, not as someone to go on coffee runs or complete menial tasks. The more effort I put into this internship, the more the Oster team trusted me to take on serious tasks.  I wrote and proofread blog posts and press releases, learned about media buying, audited and curated content for clients’ social media profiles and learned how to communicate with new audiences.

Now that my internship is over, I am working part-time as an official Oster and Associates employee and looking forward to my new responsibilities as part of the team. I am focusing mainly on growing our clients’ social media profiles, but I also work with my colleagues to integrate our marketing strategies based on the services we provide to each client, such as aligning plans for social media and public relations.  

To apply for an internship at Oster and Associates, visit our website and send a cover letter, resume and/or portfolio link to No phone calls, please.


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