Agency Perspective on How to Get the Most Out of Working from Home

Uncertainty, fear and stress: three ways people across the globe are feeling at this very moment. Most businesses are shut down and forced to work remotely from home. In-person instruction is no longer available to students and campuses are closed. Restaurants, stores and other places of day-to-day social gathering are prohibited. Businesses are left feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future financial status of their company while actively transitioning into a new reality. Although we are experiencing a broad range of emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also understand the importance of staying home and practicing social distancing. So, in the meantime and from an agency perspective, how can we get the most out of working from home?

First, it is crucial that businesses across the globe stay in close remote contact with their clients, especially during this time. An empathetic approach is highly recommended: check in with your clients to make sure they are healthy and safe. Ask them what your agency can do to help them during this time of transition. For example, Oster and Associates is a full-service agency offering services in: Advertising, Branding, Creative, Interactive, Media Buying, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. Be sure to connect and reach out to your clients on a regular basis to assure them that you are here to help.

In terms of maintaining a strong intellectual, emotional and physical state of well-being while working from home, we must develop a working routine that includes stepping away from the computer and taking a break. It is possible that taking a break and doing a different activity may increase productivity and cognitive thinking. We certainly encourage taking a daily walk, six feet away from others of course, however one of our favorite break-time activities is gardening! Here is one of our favorite brands who offers some of the most beautiful plants and flowers:

Armstrong Garden Centers

Recently celebrating their 130th anniversary as a company, this outstanding business offers a variety of plants and flowers in 31 stores across California.  We are especially excited about Armstrong Garden Centers’ newest announcement: “Be Safe, Stay Home, We’ll Come to You” where customers can “Order via Phone or Request Online for delivery or curbside pickup.” Don’t forget to visit the Armstrong Garden Centers website to learn more about their services. Get growing and create the garden of your dreams!

Similarly, we cannot emphasize how important it is for everyone to take care of their immune system. While taking breaks from sitting at your desk and doing a fun activity can decrease stress and may even help your immune system, we also know the importance of eating healthy. Fun fact: One of the most nutritious fruits a person can eat is a banana! Luckily, we know a great brand:

Organics Unlimited

This delicious, sustainably grown banana brand is available in stores across the United States. An enjoyable work-break may include baking fresh home-made banana bread and other healthy desserts. Slice up some bananas and put them in your cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. They can be incorporated into so many meals! Check out the Organics Unlimited Blog section of their website and discover numerous tasty recipes!

Find this recipe!

At Oster and Associates, we strive to offer solutions to our clients and help them achieve their goals. For more information regarding our services or if you have any questions, please visit our website We wish everyone good health and safety during this time. Remember to reach out to your clients in an empathetic, supportive manner and take breaks from work throughout the day! Stay connected, positive and healthy.

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