Advocate Literacy to Build Brand Equity

As you’re reading this blog post, it may not have occurred to you, but you are utilizing a gift that some do not have the luxury to enjoy. You are able to read this blog post.

The power of literacy is a knowledge that should not be taken for granted. Without it, most advertising would not work. We utilize this skill every day. You may shudder at the thought of misusing the word “your” over “you’re,” but this may not come as easily to others as it does for you.

How does that relate to marketing?

The most important thing your company can do is get involved. Champion the advancement of education through literacy awareness and let your customers know you support educational growth.

Whether you create a partnership with a non-profit, sponsor an organization, and/or take the initiative upon yourself, gaining exposure through literacy advocacy is just one of the many ways you can gain great positive public relations points with your customers while helping improve the well-being of others.

Our client, Organics Unlimited, has a non-profit arm called GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Others). They help establish funds to support projects, programs, and education services for the families and workers in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. More specifically, one of the programs they help fund is Project Amigo’s Literacy Program that helps maintain mini-libraries for the communities of Colima, Mexico. Thanks to this generous program, thousands of children each year are able to experience the joy of reading and teachers have reported noticeable changes in children’s attitudes toward learning, in their creativity, and in their vocabularies.

September is the perfect month to advocate literacy and show your appreciation because it is Library Card Sign-Up Month and National School Success Month. September 8it is also International Literacy Day. These are just a few opportunities to promote the value literacy.

Donate your time to help others reap the benefits of literacy and help create a better world for tomorrow. 


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